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Dr. Hon-Ming Eng provides Crohn's Disease Treatment at NY Gastroenterology P.C with the highest quality and personalized care possible. Conveniently located in Upper Manhattan, Greater NY Gastroenterology P.C. is the best place to go for help with your Crohn's Disease.

Crohn's Disease

Is there a Cure for Crohn's Disease?

There is no cure for Crohn's disease, but there are a number of treatments that can slow or completely arrest the disease. When none of those treatments prove effective, your gastroenterologist may recommend surgery.

What Treatments are Available?

Your gastroenterologist has a wide range of options for treating your specific case of Crohn's. Finding the right treatment for you is aimed at:

  • Controlling inflammation that triggers symptoms
  • Achieving remission so that you have few or no symptoms
  • Maintaining remission so that symptoms do not return for longer periods of time

Medications such as immunosuppressants and/or steroids are often used to slow the progression of the disease. If these aren't effective, a patient may require surgery. Additionally, patients with Crohn's disease are often advised to schedule regular screenings for colorectal cancer due to increased risk.

Why Choose NY Gastroenterology P.C. Services?

Crohn’s disease is unpredictable with symptoms changing in severity abruptly. At other times, a person suffering from Crohn's disease may see a long period when there are no symptoms, interrupted by a sudden flare up. If you have active Luminal Crohn’s disease, there is a 70% chance of recurrent symptomatic flares within a year of each other. It is important that you have a medical care professional that responds quickly to any complications that may arise. These can include:

  • Scar tissue formation and/or obstruction of the intestines
  • Formation of small cuts or tears in the anal canal
  • Abscesses caused by infection or collection of pus in the colon

Our goal is to not only treat you for your current condition but to help you be better prepared for possible complications in the future.

Dr. Eng is committed to providing each of his patients with the thoughtful and patient care they deserve.  His patients receive Crohn's Disease treatment that is personalized and meets your unique needs.    

Insurance Information

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